Securing Your Future Success

Securing Your Future Success Working a career to ensure you secure your future success is very much like planting a field with seed and tendering it until harvest time.  Personal success also requires regular sowing and nurturing in order to reap a booming crop.

Personal Success Cycle

Throughout my career as a coach and writer I’ve learned that the only way to enjoy more is to BE – DO and HAVE an on-going PMA, positive mental attitude.  With an attitude of optimism it’s possible to start and sustain a lifestyle by design!

Life is a cycle of events, but, personal success is a gathering of events and experiences that culminate in different levels of achievement.  The question is, “What are you prepared to invest to build a lifestyle by design?”

Throughout the years I’ve been asked that question and have in turn asked it of others.  Today I’m planning that seed into your turf - “What are you prepared to invest to build a lifestyle by design?”

Each one of us has a different motivation why we are prepared to venture out of the comfort zone and into a PMA for personal success.

Today I thought we’d take a brief look at the benefits of owning a PMA.

A Positive Mental Attitude Is A Life Long Asset 

The importance of practicing positive thinking and taking action is often neglected by many with the short-sighted viewpoint that life is busy, time is short and thinking positively just won't get the job done or the bills paid.  “Oh my goodness me”, is all I can say to such a view, because that kind of thinking is a self sabotaging oversight.  Positive thinking is only the first part of the success process the second and most important part is that of action.

Action, Action, Action

Personal success is a long-term process that requires on-going planning, implementation and development.  It’s this structured formula that will nurture and sustain you for the long-term.  Action is part of the growth cycle.

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My Message To You This Week

PMA, positive mental attitude is an investment that will pay you specific dividends as you strive to build success in your life.  As you move ahead each day and over time, your efforts and continuing endeavours will pay off.  With each forward moving action you’ll gain a little more motivation to keep going.  It’s a natural occurrence and one that is well worth it.  By remaining true and loyal to your dreams you’ll turn those thoughts into a stunning reality and live your life by design.

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Securing Your Future Success

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