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  • Life by Design - Build Your Dream Lifestyle
  • The step-by-step process to activate and up-level your lifestyle, achieve work-life balance, and unlock time and money freedom.
  • Life by Design Coach certification 'study at home'.
  • Discover how to create a business that aligns with your passions while helping others.
  • Enjoy financial abundance, and time freedom as you live your dream lifestyle.

Transform your life using the tools and resources to achieve and build the life of your dreams enjoying work life balance, time and money freedom, optimal health, wonderful relationships, and a stunning career. Whatever you imagine and dream you can achieve - anything is possible when you have the correct tools, resources and guidance to make it so.

A Lifestyle and Business by Design!

  • Life by Design - Build Your Dream Lifestyle
  • Life by Design - Build Your Dream Lifestyle  use the PATs growth tool to step-by-step activate, up-level and transform your current lifestyle. Explore and nurture your potential as you systematically begin to live the life of your dreams. Quickly pin point your North Star and step-by-step create a lifestyle by design, even build a business that makes your heart sing. You know you deserve to begin living the lifestyle of your dreams. 

CoupleLivingTheDream at CoachingLeadsToSuccess.comLife by Design - Build Your Dream Lifestyle!
  • Life by Design Coach certification 'study at home'
  • Life by Design Coach certification 'study at home' 
  • Design and open your coaching business.
  • Learn the secrets of skillful coaching 
  • Leverage your time work part-time or full-time as a professional Life by Design Coach. 
  • Discover how to set forward moving income goals for your coaching business, and your life.
  • Make an impact helping your clients. 
  • Use the 6SCM [6 Step Coaching Model] to design and build a Lifestyle and Business by Design. 





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