Books currently available in print and digital* by PaTrisha-Anne Todd.

Pepper Your Life with opportunity to read a new motivational quote each day to inspire and move you towards a day filled with positive forward moving action to a lifestyle by design.  Turn your lifestyle into the one you want.

7 Powerful Steps To Success by PaTrisha-Anne Todd. Read how to reach your goals with seven powerful steps to success.
7 Powerful Steps To Success: The road map to change your life for ever (Life and Business by Design)

The Business Plan for guaranteed success written by PaTrisha-Anne Todd founder of Coaching Leads To Success.
Business Plan for Guaranteed Success: Rock Your Business From Start-Up To Six Figures (Life and Business by Design Book 2)

NEW  availalbe in Spring 2020


A brand new life coaching series to guide you forwards.  Read how to coach as a professional coach earning a substantial income and live a lifestyle by your design.

The new Life Coaching with Soul series is the ultimate guide you'll ever need to coach with confidence as you build a highly profitable coaching business.

Life Coaching with Soul series explains the importance of adopting a positive atttitude. PaTrisha-Anne shares her unique system of P.A.T.s. Positive Attitude Training system showing you how to embrace the benefits of life coaching for personal achievement.

As you read each guide you'll begin to envision how best to develop your coaching skills and build your business to the level that excites you. Your passion for helping others will automatically show in your coaching practice.

You can delve into the particular coaching guide that you need at the moment and focus on exactly what you need to. 

Each guide will purposefully challenge any doubts, confusion and concerns you may have on that particular topic. Procrastination and fear will be eliminated from your core beleif system along with self limiting thoughts. Instead you can look forward to building your own pathway and direction to a lifestyle of choice, and how you can Be, Do and Have more in your life of what you desire, what is good and how you can become the best coach and attract a constant flow of clients. You'll become the person you were born to be.

Allow the words to elegantly inspire and help you understand how best to move towards your goals. Cherish your dreams, feed your success and move daily towards a lifestye by design as you engage in Life Coaching with Soul.


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Enjoy Extreme Self Care by PaTrisha-Anne Todd at

*Kindle amd electronic versions may differ from the printed version.