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PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Author, Coach, Speaker

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PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Coach, Author, Speaker

Books & programs to boost your PMA positive mental attitude to achieve more through personal development and build a profitable business 

The principles of how to succeed in any area of your life is explained in my book '7 Powerful Steps To Success' Page by page I share the system I created from coaching thousands of clients in all walks of life. I explode the secret to achieving success. 

Within the book you'll read how to use a powerful yet easy to follow process which can help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs and set yourself up to create a comfortable lifestyle filled with abundance, wealth, health and fabulous relationships when you choose to follow through and take action.

The book will stir your juices to think outrageously and set you on the right route to get the results you really want.  You know you can build your dreams of a more comfortable and financially secure lifestyle. Read the book and see how you can make a difference now!


"this quick guide allow you to design your life and business by teaching you to choose to energetically transform what we have into something more by creating consistent forward-moving habits" PM. USA

YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR CURRENT LIFESTYLE when you apply the steps outlined in my book '7 Powerful Steps To Success'.

I've developed an amazing masterful step-by-step system you can use to get your lifestyle on track.

You can access the 7 Powerful Steps To Success today and begin to change the lifestyle you currently have to one you want. Today is critical:

  • You know you deserve to become the success you have always dreamed of being. 
  • Of having more time to do the things you really want  to do.
  • To enjoy more happiness in your life.
  • To create a lifestyle you enjoy living.

The book is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


Turn Your Dreams Into Tangible Results

Life and Business by Design book series for:

  • The Entrepreneur
  • The Baby Boomer
  • The Actor, Dancer, Singer
  • The Coach, Consultant, Trainer
  • For YOU if you are ready to live a stunning lifestyle and skyrocket your business
  • In the book series I share valuable positive mindset techniques to help you create a stunning lifestyle and for those of you with career and business interests there are business building strategies that when followed will give you clarity, belief, focus and rich rewards.