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Goal Setting

 Dream Building - Goal Setting  - PATs the proven, repeatable system to jumpstart and design the Life of your Dreams

PaTrisha-Anne Todd - Master Coach and Trainer at www.CoachingLeadsToSuccess.comPaTrisha-Anne Transformational Coach

Let me show you how...

Discover How To Build Your
'Living The Dream' Blueprint.

Step into your personal power, and learn how the correct goal setting technique will create the life of your dreams and how to build a business you love. 

Work in an environment that draws your creativity and expertise to the front.

Feed your soul and create new habits that align with your purpose and  accelerate you towards your goals right now.

Are You Ready To Bust Those Limiting Beliefs and Transform Your Life? 

  • Discover 'How' to set goals that are clear and doable!
  • Build passive income.
  • Move to your next level mentally, spiritually, financially and in real time.
  • Access PATs  the growth tool for a positive mindset and doable, fulfilling  transformation.
  • Begin 'Living the Dream'

Begin living your FREEDOM lifestyle - join me 'Living the Dream Masterclass'  30 August.

Pepper Your Life with Dreams 365 Motivational Quotes to support your 'living the dream' to a lifestyle by design.

Experience personal SUCCESS you know you deserve.


Learn how to experience real change, to feel empowered, confident, happy, free from stress, to live a life of freedom, prosperity and enjoy optimal health as you systematicially  become the best version of you and build your own lifestyle by design! 

  • Set in motion a flow of a lifestyle you truly desire including a purposeful and lucrative career you love as an independent, in-demand  positive individual working on your terms from anywhere in the world.

Dream Building - Goal Setting

  • Release your true potential by creating a PMA - positive mental attitude with empowering thoughts that align with a life of freedom by design. 
  • Discover how to incorporate the PATs growth tool to access your infinite potential and increase momentum as you design your personal goal implemenation plan.
  • Become highly skilled at setting your earning activities to reach the financial results you desire - f-a-s-t!
  • Build your own economy with MSI - Multiple Streams of Income as a 'Creative Entrepreneur'
  • Learn to use your unique style to stand out from the crowd and attract like minded souls into your sphere.
  • Harness the power of your conscious and sub-conscious mind to ensure excellence and success.
  • Discover the value of the Master Mind Principle and how it will benefit you through the actions you take and the results you achieve.

Unlock Your Dreams Potential - Now

Imagineactivating your inner belief system already stored in the library of your brain and living life on your terms. Imagine - a no fluff, focused and results orientated tool that brings you results you desire and deserve. Imagine - living life without worry as you become the person you really want to be. You can Be, Do and Have an extraordinary lifestyle - now. 

I can show you how to authentically banish negative habits of uncertainty and create the life of your dreams with proven neuro-science strategies that feed your consicous mind and develop a positive mental attitude to move you forward and go from struggling to successful.

  • Life is short, discover how to  remove obstacles that block you.  
  • Ditch uncertainty and get clear on your goals. 
  • Experience transformation waiting for you to live life on your terms. 
  • Claim abundance now.
  • Stop struggling and move into success.
  • Make an impact with your skills and talents. 
  • Win the game of life - you know you deserve to. 

goal setting - goal setting - goal setting - goal setting 



Turn your dreams into reality

You are  extraordinary 

Get Paid for your Talent, Knowledge, Life Experiences, and Expertise 

Profit From Your Passion

Build A Business

  • My mission is to coach like minded souls who are ready to stop struggling, and unlock their fullest potential.
  • To share via my books and strategic trainings the personal development knowlege I've gained over five decades through the study of coaching, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and metaphysics.
  • To educate like minded souls to use my PATs growth tool for personal empowerment and strategic, productive goal planning and achievement. 
  • To learn to think outside of the box when it comes to earning money from multiple sources of income.
  • To stir the juices of imagination and gain clairity of vision, while thinking outrageously and productively. 
  • To stop procrastination, and bust those limiting beliefs immediately! 
  • To adopt better forward moving habits that lay out the best route to get the results really wanted.  
  • To help those who are ready to become their BEST self with ease. and grace.
  • To educate how to have sufficient time to do the things they really want to do with the people they love.
  • To enjoy true happiness, peace and joy in life right now!
  • To create prosperity, financial freedom and generational wealth! 

Your Success Path Is Already In Your Mind

I'll show you how to unlock your success path potential and begin living the life of your dreams... join me in August for the 'Living the Dream' Blueprint Masterclass.

'Living the Dream' Blueprint Masterclass

Learn the same blueprint I, and living the dream students from all walks of life across the world use to envision, capture and create a life by design. Get started today, your future begins now! 

Join me on 30 August for the 'Living the Dream' Blueprint Masterclass.

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