6 Step Coaching Model

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6 Step Coaching Model To Take Your Coaching To The Ultimate Level...Life Coach, Kingdom Coach, Business Coach.

PaTrisha-Anne explains how in her book. Have you got your copy yet?

6 Step Coaching Model used by coaches worldwide. Created by Master Coach * PaTrisha-Anne Todd6 Step Coaching Model, used by coach worldwide

6 Step Coaching Model used by coaches worldwide to empower their clients achieve the results they desire, and you can too. Also use the 6SCM to build a sustainable business you love!

  • Follow the steps shared in the book to gently support your clients become aware of what they want and why. Then coach them towards a life by design!

  • Turn your passion to help others into a worthwhile experience, as you build a thriving business.
  • Enjoy a rewarding career.

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6 Step Coaching Model used by coaches worldwide6 Step Coaching Model

Business Coach

Kingdom Coach

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