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I Talk About How As A Start-Up or if you are already a Seasoned Business Owner HOW You Can Have The Success Element Activated In Your Business...I share it all in my book

'Business Plan' for Guaranteed Success Rock Your Business from Start-Up to 6 Figures

Business Plan the only book you'll need to achieve success as a start-up or seasoned business owner.  Use the model DO IT NOW created by PaTrisha-Anne Todd

An interesting statement and one that many Business Guru's make when  offering their various courses that mention the economic state and how now is the best time to begin a business or expand an existing one, and how you can take your business to the next level. 

Well I agree.  YES.  I believe that as a business start-up entrepreneur or as a seasoned business owner success is possible from the outset and can lead into a 6 figures enterprise and beyond.  So how is this possible you ask.  I'll tell you.

Success in any area of business is about clarity, focus, dedication to application, review and the determination to keep on going.  In other words it's all about the concept of 'DO IT NOW'.

Business plan book

Entrepreneurship is not new nor is the idea of taking an idea and turning it on its head in order to stand out from the crowd to make money a new concept.  That’s exactly what my intention is by writing this book.

I’m so excited and fired up to share my DO IT NOW process of starting a business and making money from the beginning.  I’m especially motivated that you’re ready for change, that you have taken the decision to start a business of your own and you are prepared to work at building a successful business.

How life changing is that to finally know you can get your message out to the world and make a difference. Welcome to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

So what’s the buzz about this book and what’s different about it? Well for those of you who don’t know me and what I believe in, it’s the power of positive attitude.  This book is part of that concept and is a training to promote P.A.T. Positive Attitude Training.

being in buisness and what you need to know

Thinking about being in business and all the aspects involved in running a successful business can be enjoyable and highly lucrative when you have the right steps in place and know when to implement them.

Knowing about:

  • knowing how much to charge 
  • understanding how you can seed to ensure business growth
  • how to hire a team to support your efforts and create the success you deserve
  • plan out a marketing and promotions plan that will bring in new clients
  • how to STOP working 24/7 and begin to enjoy being a successful business owner

Anything is possible when you decide to apply the DO IT NOW system to your business life.

Begin today and get hold of a copy of the book, it's waiting for you at Amazon.

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Business Plan for Guaranteed Success: Rock Your Business From Start-Up To Six Figures

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Business Plan for Guaranteed Success: Rock Your Business From Start-Up To Six Figures (Life and Business by Design Book 2)




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