Niche-Writing Apply The Correct Principles To Write Your Brilliance

Niche-Writing and learning how to apply the correct principles to write your brilliane.

Looking through my in-box earlier this afternoon my eye caught an email from a lady in South Africa who wants to develop her writing skills but is concerend about her niche.  At first glance the initial answer I could offer seemed quite clear but as I began to write up my reply I realised there was more I could say about sharing my take on niche writing.  I knew there was scope to pin point exactly in which area any writer would find personal satisfaction and for those others financial success.  We all know that success means different things to different people.  No one has the same success level on the so-called success scale, and that’s a fact.

Anyway I believe there are just two elements that need to be covered to essentially get the writer into their true writing passion, in other words the best genre for them.

Write Your Brilliance

Regardless of how much time you set aside to writing or the amount of words you promise yourself you’ll write, you must write if you want to be categorised as a writer.  After all, writers write.  Just so you know, I write every day, and set the bar at a minimum of 1000 words.  But, for you, you’ll need to take into account the amount of time you have available each day to write including your desire to get your thoughts onto paper.  Each one of us has different commitments to attend to each day.  But, please do not make ‘a commitment’ an excuse not to write.  I encourage you to tap into your writing brilliance and let it shine, whether you write ten words or hundreds or thousands each day.

The First Element Of Niche Writing

Begin with thinking about you.  I say that with the idea that writing is a tool that allows the author to be selfish as they delve into their topic and write.  So as I said, begin with thinking about you and what you stand for, what you do in life, and what you’d rather do.  Put on your imagination cap and get busy day dreaming.

You see, I’m attempting to get you to go inside of yourself to bring out your spirit and what you’d really like to write.  Perhaps it is fiction, maybe you’d like to write a short story or novel based upon period romance or the thrills and dangers of espionage.  On the other hand you might enjoy helping others learn a new skill, so you’d write about your particular skills set, a hobby, or your knowledge base along the lines of carpentry, horse-riding or how to run a marathon. I guess you can gather my penchant is teaching others how to write

Continuing on, answer this one simple question.  Answer it from your heart, don’t hold back, just get the question answered:

-       I am passionate about ……… and am able to write about this because …… (the reasons, experience, knowledge you have).

You might be thinking, ‘but how will that help me find my writing brilliance?’  The simple answer is, it will.  You see successful writers write about their passion, they write about what is important to them and share their likes, and dislikes through the magic of words.  You can do the same.  All it takes is a passion to write and dedicated action.

Niche-Writing, make money, book, genre

Niche-Writing, make money, book, genre

Niche-Writing, make money, book, genre

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