NewDimensionsWordsOfWisdomWrite! another part of the writing dimension I don’t know about you, but my lifestyle revolves around the creativity of writing, for me it’s a high impact activity as it contributes to the heart of my goals and how I choose to live my life.   The daily actions I take to get the task done effectively are vital and truly contribute to each day’s success levels. 

I gain an enormous amount of pleasure from the words I write, the research alone feeds my soul, and I have to admit  I enjoy the journey even more.  You see, it’s the stuff I do every day that actually stretches my mind and feeds my soul to actively engage in writing.  The simple act of living life to the fullest each day is in my estimation a priceless piece of living life by design.

So, how is it for you?  Do you purposefully write and with each word move in the direction of your dreams?  There are many proverbial storms in life that can shower us with tumultuous situations but thankfully after the storm comes the calm, happy energetic time, anyway, whatever happens I would encourage you to remember that in order to reap the rewards of writing you need to write every day, come rain or shine!

Writing every day can be a challenge, even for the seasoned writer, that's why I'm collecting my knowledge I've gleaned over the years and have begun writing a special collection of eBooks on how to plan, write, publish and market your knowledge in a book that depicts your expertise and positively showcases you as an author.

The eBooks are in production but to ensure you are the first to know which titles and when they become available grab your free copy of my ezine and I'll gift you 'WRITE On The Money'  Be the first in your writing circle to aspire to higher levels of authorship.


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