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Another life coaching book from Master Coach & Author PaTrisha-Anne Todd.

Read how The Six Step Coaching Model delivers instant results used by coaches around the world.

Use the 6SCM to build a 6, 7 figures coaching buisness.

6 Step Coaching Model used by coaches worldwide6 Step Coaching Model used by coaches worldwide

Professional  coaches use the 6SCM to get instant forward moving results for their clients!


You can also pick up a copy of  'Pepper Your Life with Dreams'  from Amazon and each day concentrate on moving forward to your ultimate dream life.

Begin Living The Dream

Pepper Your Life with Dreams by Master Lifestyle Coach & Trainer, PaTrisha-Anne Todd at ''Pepper Your Life with Dreams 365 Inspirational Quotes

Personal success and business building are goals that creative coaches hold firmly at front of mind as they go about building their worlds.

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