Cosmic Soul Coach Certification

Become a Cosmic Soul Coach and help others while you create the lifestyle you know you deserve of time freedom and abundance! 

Class Begins
Tuesday 26 September

  • You know you want to help others but have no idea HOW and where to start. 
  • You're already working long hours in a dead end job that is going nowhere. 
  • You feel concerend about the direction your future is going, and worry about not having enough money to pay the bills and save for your retirement. 
  • You have so much experience and want to help others manifest their transformation.
  • You have a higher purpose but need a little help and guidance to find the best and fastest way forward. 
  • Tap into the secrets of ancient wisdom to easily manifest harmony, health and money.
Cosmic Soul Coach opportunity is waiting for you - become a professional Cosmic Soul CoachCosmic Soul Coach Opportunity is waiting for you - train to become a professional Cosmic Soul Coach
  • If this is you then NOW is the time to take back control and set the direction of your life and become a professional COSMIC SOUL COACH

Cosmic Soul Coach Certification - seven months training begins Tuesday 26 September 2023

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Learn the real secrets to professional coaching from Master Coach NLP Practitioner and award winning author - PaTrisha-Anne Todd. 

PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Master Coach, Author, and Cosmic Soul Coach trainer at www.CoachingLeadsToSuccess.comPaTrisha-Anne Todd, Master Cosmic Soul Coach Trainer

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