Abundance-Map the tool that helps you get clear on exactly what you want and how you can get it.  This tool is a complete system to get you from where you are to where you really want to be.  Take your time and create a lifestyle you know you deserve by planning out exactly what you want in the next few months and for the rest of your life.

The Easy Route To Your Abundance Map

  • Get clear on your vision and ask yourself exactly what you want.  Don't be shy, remember this is all about you and it's your opportunity to really get to the root of what you want.
  • Now it really time to be honest with yourself.  You need to make a list of all your income and expenses, absolutely everything from daily expenses to yearly payments.  Write a list about your money then add up the two amounts, that's income and expenses.  Then add the two amounts together.
  • Next take your money list total figure and divide the amount by 12.  The figure you are left with is the monthly income you'll need to realise your dreams.  But, that's not it as money alone will not get you what you want.
  • Your next part of the Abundance Map is all about effort.  You have to know exactly what you are going to do to have your monthly money come in.  I mean it won't appear out of thin air!  For you to receive sufficient income and spend it the way you dream of then you'll have to work to get it.  BUT, hold on, it's not about working and have no time to enjoy the fruit of your efforts. No, no, it's all about working SMART so you earn the money and spend it the way you intend to. So your next action is to think about your skills-set and talents, think about what you can do to earn money, how you currently earn money and what different actions you can take right now to increase your income while reducing your actual working hours.  Write out your actions that will give you the cash you need to live that lifestyle by design!
  • You need to think carefully and determine exactly how you are going to earn your money.  Set your thoughts on productive actions and if in a job how you can either ditch the job or increase the wage.  Alongside the job you'll gather up your skills-set and talents to begin earning income from them.  Perhaps you bake, you sew, you garden, you can tutor a subject, there are many skills that others are willing to pay for.  Your route to abundance lies with harnessing the power of your skills-set and talents and packaging them for customers willing to pay for those services.  Just think how your services could increase the lifestyles of your new found clients.  Think of the market and tap into it.
  • Finally, make the decision to get focused on your route to abundance right now and go get the prosperity you deserve.

You Know You Can

Abundance-Map, Wealth, Prosperity, Health, Coaching

Abundance-Map, Wealth, Prosperity, Health, Coaching

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