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We offer TWO courses:

Creative Writing for Fiction book formula

One of the skills necessary to writing a valuable piece of work is the ability to get clear on your ideas. Brainstorming is the best technique to do that. With brainstorming you literally take your inspiration and get down to the task of writing. We show you how.

You'll explore your thoughts about writing and see how to construct a workable outline for your anticipated work of fiction.

With each module you'll get to grips with how to write and build your story.

Module by module you'll learn the principles of how to find your writing voice and style, how to formulate your ideas into the best possible plot, the story arc, how to capture the right setting, which point of view tells a good story. How to use dialogue so you have believable characters. Everything you need to craft your first draft.

Non-fiction book formula

write and publish your book in 90 days!

Writers School for beginners who want to write fiction and non-fiction  

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