Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance. Are you feeling trapped in your current lifestyle and work, constantly struggling to find a balance for time and money freedom? Life by Design.

If so, then take note as I found myself in that very same situation, but thankfully I discovered a way out.


Another day of overcast skies but my motivation has not been stifled.

Today I’m going to discuss how you can expand your thinking and tap into your core belief system for an effective work life balance. Both your business life and your lifestyle require positive nurturing to harness the time and money freedom you seek.

First and foremost, the only way you can achieve turning your dreams into reality is by acknowledging you do have a superpower and can step into your person power even if you hold the idea of living the dream is not something you could achieve. Let me say that I believe you can and even though it’s not an overnight process you most definitely can change the trajectory of your life. It takes time, energy, effort, dedication, and a willingness to make changes. Yes, changes that become habits for living the dream!

Of course, it goes without saying that the result is more than worth it. Just imagine waking up every day excited to get on enjoying your dream lifestyle and working on the business that you know will pay for the lifestyle you desire, giving you the time freedom you yearn for and financial freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. What a lovely idea – living the dream, and you know it’s possible and I’m here to share with you the tools and techniques you need to move forward from the place you find yourself in at the moment to where you wish to go.


One of the steps you can take to expand your thinking and achieve what your heart desires is to start to manage your time differently and create a schedule of time allocation that allows you to focus one step at a time on a specific outcome. Many of my students have gotten caught up in the day-to-day living of their life and commitment of the job, which leaves little time for expansion and growth. By developing a schedule of time allocation, you’ll free up valuable time and energy to focus on what needs to happen to change your status quo. Strategic planning of your time will streamline the activities you currently participate in and allow you to begin living the dream.


You can start now, create a schedule of time allocation by taking a close look at your waking day. Are you over stretching yourself or are you actually under valuing how you use your time? Take a moment and think. Are you offering too much of your time and in some cases spending too much of your income on projects, on people and things that are slowly eating into you living the dream lifestyle. Now is the time to re-evaluate your time and consider re-scheduling what you do to allow you to live each moment of each day in a state of joy and abundance.

In addition to all of what I have said, it’s crucial to take a hard look at the way you spend your time and spend your money so you can eliminate those unnecessary time spends, and money spends that are detracting from you living the dream.

Please take note, this is not about cutting back and living small. This is about recognising the essential parts you need to live the lifestyle of your dreams. You are literally taking stock of you and your life so you can remove what detracts and reinvest into your dream life and business.

Okay so as you look to expand your thinking for the purpose of achieving time and money freedom, it’s important to do this with an open mind so you do not become bogged down with even more stuff to do! By becoming aware of who you are beginning to gain the skills, knowledge and belief that you can take your lifestyle to the next level and begin living the dream.

Ultimately, thinking about and accessing the idea of better time scheduling will allow you to live life on your terms and build a business that makes your heart sing and provides you with time and money freedom.

Pepper Your Life with Dreams Day 159 written by PaTrisha-Anne ToddDay 159 - from Pepper Your Life with Dreams


Go ahead you deserve to Be, Do and Have, so start to set clear and choose better intentions so you can take intentional action. It’s about being willing to s-t-r-e-c-h your comfort zone and change your status quo.

If you are willing to make those necessary changes to move closer to living the dream and owning the business that pays for your lifestyle then think on this. Living the dream is within your reach you simply have to decide to live life by design.

Work Life Balance

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