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What's holding you back from achieving your dreams? PaTrisha-Anne Todd master coach at www.CoachingLeadsToSuccess.com Discover how to begin 'Living the dream'.

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          Earlier this morning when in my garden I saw the sun rise over the trees and I thought, what a beautiful sight and how lucky I am to be surrounded by nature, special people and beautiful things in my home. Also, just as important to be surrounded by people who think and dream BIG.

          Of course, life hasn’t always been like that in the sense of physically experiencing the ideas in my dreams. It’s taken me a lifetime to reach this point, as I’m sure wherever you are in your life, it’s taken you a lifetime to reach the point where you are now – it’s a fact of life. However, the universe has other plans for each of us. The universe wants us to expand our ideas and move forward in growth, building a lifestyle we feel inspired to live.

         It’s my mission to share the principles 'the secret' of personal success with likeminded folk like you, who are eager to create a lifestyle by design, a life that you love, feeling empowered, happy, and satisfied. I believe that anything is possible with the right plan of action.

          Today I have just one question for you. What’s holding you back from achieving your dreams?”

          In today’s fast paced world so many people have forgotten how to dream. Those days of childhood dreaming, of daydreaming, have changed with dreams abandoned in a distant past. Gone are the feelings of possibility, living without doubt, fear, or negative thoughts. I’m sure there are moments when you wonder where have those days disappeared to when all goals were possible no matter how small or big?

          Thankfully I can confirm that it’s never too late to dream and live a life by design. Because life is filled with opportunity, every single day. No dream is impossible, and no idea or goal is unreachable.

Today I have just one question for you. “What’s holding you back from achieving your dreams?”

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          Nourishment of the mind is important. Feeding your mindset with positive forward moving knowledge will lead you to your dreams. To do that, to feed your mind with positive forward moving thoughts requires introspection and guidance to set the best strategy for you and to master your lifestyle. There is no reason why your dreams need to wither and disappear into yesterday!

          This is what I mean. You see it’s all about your WHY. Your why is the key to unlocking any confusion, doubt, worry and limited thinking. You need to ask yourself one important question. One question that will ignite your braincells and feed your mind towards creating the lifestyle of your dreams. When you ask yourself this specific question you automatically turn on the right switch to creating a life by design. Quite simply the reason being you start to feed your mind with thoughts and ideas which move you towards envisioning your dreams. Quite literally you stop stumbling in a place of limitation, lack and ignorance just hoping life will hopefully somehow get better.

          If you are feeling you are missing something else in your life, that you are dissatisfied with what you have now, or don’t have! You are wanting to find how you can tune in to what you desire and gain clarity and direction so you can live a life of freedom and on purpose, to spend time with your loved ones, live in a state of optimal health, have time to participate in your hobbies or study or write a book, and enjoy the rewards of work either working in the perfect job or starting and building your own business, you truly want to ditch the rat race, and replace those negative feelings with empowering thoughts and actions that lead you to your goal, then why not begin ‘living the dream’ right now, right here in this moment.

          I’ve already asked you that all important question; What’s holding you back from achieving your dreams?” Are you ready to find out more, to go deeper into knowing what you can do to harness your dreams and to turn them into tangible results?

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