Recovering from Catastrophe

by Susan Sherayko
(Los Angeles, CA)

Guest blogger and author

Guest blogger and author

Meet my fellow author from across the pond in sunny California where Mother Nature offers a knudge with the creative process. Susan shares an incredible story that I know will boost your vibrations towards a positive mental attitude.

I had no idea as I turned the key in the lock and flipped the light switch that night that what I would see before me would turn out to be life-altering. The mind tried to process the images before me. The dogs were all on the sofas, wagging their tails to say, “Hi, Mom.” Mud was all around them and down the stairs from the second floor, and water dripped from the ceiling below the upstairs bathroom. I ran up the stairs, through the mud, to find a wall of dirt and stone had pushed through the upstairs windows, across the hall, and into the bathroom, where six inches of dark brown water filled the tiled floor.

I needed help. Max and Steve, elders in the church, had me climb the rock staircase outside that led to the second floor. The sight was staggering. Huge boulders were piled behind the house to the roof. We could not see the mountain in the dark, but it was clear that something horrific had occurred for which I had no frame of reference. I was in shock, not yet ready to grasp the reality. My world had just tumbled down, and we were going to face some major hurdles to rebuild our lives. I didn’t know then that an event of that magnitude does not just sweep away; it reveals what you have not yet accomplished and what is not working. It makes you question everything you have created and gives you a second chance to redesign anew.

I had no idea of the challenges ahead of us. This nightmare wouldn’t go away overnight, and in fact, rebuilding would extend into all areas of our lives—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I did not know that we were standing on the brink of possibility. It would take time and it was up to us to choose how we would create our future.

Looking back, the landslide was an “aha” moment, and the beginning of my conscious pursuit of the process of deliberate creation. This was the most catastrophic event of my life, and yet I learned that we can not only survive but attain something even better. In my case, I gave myself permission not only to consciously explore the creative process for my own benefit but also to see how I could share this knowledge with others. So many people do not realize that they have the power to create their dreams. They say they want to make a change, but fail to follow through in their actions—and that makes all the difference.

I immersed myself into the study of the success principles. I learned that success is a process lived on a daily basis through our choices. It is a continual act of deciding to take actions that help you create what you desire. It is a progressive realization of a purpose that inspires our daily activities over an extended period of time. I came to see that the word success is synonymous with creation that comes through focus. It demands that we flip our thinking and eliminate the excuses and thought habits that stop our progress. It demands faith.

It wasn’t always easy. At times, it felt as if I was lost in a maze of choices. My dominant thoughts would become confused. It was challenging to persist toward any goals and sometimes it felt as if I was headed in the wrong direction. Yet my sense of purpose seemed to activate an inner gyroscope that would bring me back on track and bring me even better options than I had imagined. The creative process yielded what I call “miraculous” solutions in my personal and professional life. We did get through the destruction, the financial headaches, the emotional angst, the despair and fear.

For me, the key is to focus on the one thing that inspires us. As we do, our outer environment, inner knowledge, feelings and self-image blend to become the energy vibration that matches our larger dreams. We suddenly find that the next logical steps required to move forward occur naturally right now, not in a distant future.

To maintain my focus and activities, I now maintain a daily routine designed to help me visualize and feel the essence of each desire. I observe the contrasts. Not only does this help me deliberately create my visions; it has proved most helpful in smoothing the emotional roller coaster that previously plagued me, providing focus, serenity, and strength with which to face life’s challenges.

Believe me, there is a process that helps us choose rainbows over ruins. Whatever the situation in which we find ourselves, we can get past it and create something even better.

To Your Success,

Susan Sherayko is the author of Rainbows Over Ruins, a guide to those who seek to unleash their creative power. Susan is passionate about guiding others to discover how to change their thoughts and attract more successful results.

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Aug 28, 2014
yes, crisis into opportunity
by: Anonymous


Thank you for your comment. My husband and I consider ourselves blessed by the awareness that we can transform crisis into opportunity. The secret sauce, as they say, is in the power of the mind to shift a negative thought to a positive form. The most powerful way I have found to do that is through positive questions.

Rule #1 - Ask better questions.



Aug 27, 2014
What a great example
by: Helena Kalivoda

of how our biggest challenges become our greatest opportunities, fuelling our transformation. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story!

Aug 27, 2014
A big hello
by: Susan Sherayko

Hello, everyone. A special thanks to PaTrisha for allowing me to share my story with you. It is only now that Rainbows Over Ruins has been published that I am coming to the realization of just how much the telling helps others. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great day,


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