How has this year panned out for you so far? Way back in January did you have big dreams and goals for the coming New Year, but constantly found yourself worrying about how you could achieve those goals without overwhelm and burning out while trying to turn those dreams into a reality?

Well now is the perfect time to step into your personal power with a shift of your mindset so you can begin living the dream lifestyle you’ve always imagined. Believe me when I say it’s possible. Oh yes, it’s possible when you know what you want and prepared to take the necessary actions to manifest the life of your dreams. In a word it’s all about finding and tapping into your purpose!


Living the dream is a lifestyle choice which means its knowing why you want a particular dream and waking up every day excited to work on the necessary actions that will bring you closer to your dream and make your heart sing. 


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This is something you can do for yourself and bring joy to those closest to you as well as sharing your skills and talents with others who are also seeking the adventure of living the dream.

Just imagine being able to live in your dream home, the home you’ve always wanted. Living in a property that provides safety and joy to the lives of you and your family. Picture loyal staff taking care of you and your home from providing nutritious meals to a tailor made wardrobe of clothes, or whatever is important to your style of living. Staff who tend to the maintenance of the property and grounds. Life is good when you are on the correct frequency to attract what your fertile imagination conjures up. Your thoughts can take you towards your dream lifestyle.

Keep your imagination moving forward and consider the assistance of a competent team supporting you as you build the business of your dreams and you engaging with a dynamic mastermind to keep your motivation levels high. In essence this is what living the dream is about, and you can have it. Let me show you how.


As you are a person with a dream of living the life you’ve always wanted this is how you can escape the cycle of ordinary and pinpoint your purpose.

Ready to dive into some tips that I personally use to help moving forward to living the dream lifestyle.


It was my late father who gave me this golden nugget – he told me that it’s possible to turn dreams into a tangible entity, but first it’s important to recognise they are just wishes. But the danger is that they can remain just that, wishes, empty wishes floating around in your brain-box going nowhere. Unless you dig deep into your core belief system and believe that your dreams are possible to manifest into reality.

Every day I adopt this positive forward thinking mindset, it plays a crucial role in turning those dreams into goals and wonderful outcomes.

In order to keep my vibrational levels high, I study and practice personal development techniques to keep me aligned with my passion, purpose and values that keep me moving forward with eyes on the prize of living the dream!


Recognising opportunities for living the dream are many. The problem is many people do not see and miss the chance to change the status quo.

Creating a vision is paramount as it allows you to begin experiencing freedom to live the life you desire. The simplest way to do that is to ask yourself “what would I love…?” This you might think is a simple question, but it’s not. By asking “what would I love…?” stirs your imagination and allows you to tap into the make-believe section of your mind. Do you remember daydreaming as a child? Do you daydream now? Are you prepared to indulge a little and daydream of what could be and explore the ‘what if idea’.

Today set aside a few minutes, you don’t need a lot of time, just a few minutes as I mentioned and relax into a daydream. Imagine what you life would be like if… Explore the ideas that pop into your mind. Have a ‘DayDream’ journal to hand and write your thoughts. This simple exercise will loosen you mind and provide you with food for thought as you move towards living the dream. Repeat this short exercise at least four more times during your waking day. By doing this you are breaking down the walls of confusion, worry, doubt and all negative thoughts that limit you from taking positive forward moving action.

Before you know it, you’ll be clear on your goals of what you want and able to pinpoint actionable steps you can take, (on a daily basis), towards achieving your goals. Slowly, but surely your comfort zone will s-t-r-e-tc-h and you will begin to feel as if you are confidently and purposefully moving towards living your dream lifestyle of joy in what you do, where you live and the work you do – living the dream will affect every aspect of your life.

Do not underestimate the power of the imagination and the insights you can gain from daydreaming. I believe in the power of the imagination and turning dreams into a reality – if you are in a place of doubt and worry then borrow my belief and start to feed your mind with positive forward moving thoughts that inspire and motivate you to reach those dreams. Your personal growth is important and valuable to achieving your dreams. It’s time to take a leap of faith, believe in your dreams and begin positively moving forward to live the life of your dreams.

Living the dream lifestyle and living life to the fullest is possible for anyone who is willing to put in the work and stay committed to their goals.

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