PaTrisha-Anne, 'Living the Dream' Mentor


In her coaching books PaTrisha-Anne explains how using the '6 Step Coaching Model' (used by coaches worldwide), gain the edge over other coaches as they attract an endless stream of clients without stress or overwhelm while building a 6 and 7 figure coaching business.

Read her personal development and mindset books showing how the 'PATs' growth tool based upon science, metaphysics and NLP supports clients to discover their true purpose in life, business career, relationships and health as they easily design a plan of action to begin 'Living Life by Design'.

You can achieve success and live the dream with a positive mental attitude and a step-by-step proven system for a doable plan of action. 

Are you ready to experience a transformation and start designing your life as you know it should be.

Pepper Your life wtih Dreams written by PaTrisha-Anne

Begin today and pick up a copy of Pepper Your Life with Dreams book so you can feed your mind with positive forward moving thoughts one day at a time.

Pepper Your Life with Dreams written by PaTrisha-Anne ToddPepper Your Life with Dreams

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