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I’m in the midst of finishing my book ‘The Business Planfor Guaranteed Success, Rock Your Business from Start-Up to 6 Figures… so I’ve put everything aside for the next few days and thought I’d share my motivation to write such a book.

I first delved into the task of writing a business plan when I was at school.  I had this idea that if I had a little business of my own I could earn some extra money and boost my weekly pocket money. I wanted to save up enough money so once I left school I could travel to foreign lands and actually visit the Seven Wonders of the World.

Destiny Lends A Hand

However, what could I do that would allow me to earn, learn (I had to go to school five days a week), and still have time to go out with my friends. As if someone was looking out for me from above the very day I decided to set myself up in business a leaflet dropped through our letter box onto the door mat. The leaflet was from an international cosmetics company. They were looking for team members to join either part-time or full-time as a local representative. Even though I was still at school I was old enough to earn on a part-time basis. So I decided to find out more.

That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial career.  You see in those early days of the 1960's even though I was engaged as a team member, once I bought my kit it was up to me to make sales and get that return on investment.  To do that I needed to make a plan and take the necessary action to ensure I met the goals I had set out in my plan.  I didn’t know it at the time but I was creating a Business Plan which included Financial Goal Setting and Marketing.

Time And Business Move On

I’m so glad I got involved in that business opportunity all those years ago, not only was it exciting and life changing but it’s been the foundation of my professional life ever since.

Over the years I have visited some of those original Seven Wonders of the World, not all of them, but world travel has been a regular pastime of mine and I plan to take many more trips.  But, what is even more exciting is that today there are even more business opportunities available to people allowing them to get their work out to the world and make a difference.  To add to that as a business owner it’s possible to harness your creativity and turn an idea into a sustainable business while changing your life for ever.

What's The Buzz About My Book

So what’s the buzz about my book and why is it a different kind of business plan from the norm?

Well it’s a blue print to create success with finding ideal clients for your business and providing them with your best products and services. The blue print is a plan of action that you can use over and over again to Be, Do and Have more.  Just like me and thousands of my students you can use this same system to determine the best tactics to use and hit the ground running as you radically build a profitable business.

The best way to start is to get RADICAL with your thinking.  We all know that all the business ideas have already been thought of and nothing is new.  That’s OK.  Being RADICAL is the new way forward.

COMING SOON - please visit again soon to read more on how you can be RADICAL and turn your idea into a profitable business.

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