Laughter - Day 218 of this year.

Enjoying a good belly laugh is a wonderful experience, it can really rock your whole body. contageous. Day 218 from Pepper Your Life with Dreams by PaTrisha-Anne Todd at

The Laughing Buddha

It's said that by rubbing the large protruding belly of the Chinese Zen monk Hoitai or Pu-tai you'll experience good luck and prosperity.

" contagious"

Oh yes I'd agree totally with that deduction. Laughter is good and a reflex that ought to happen regularly throughout the day. I would say it's a requirement for good health and productivity.

Laughter is the bedrock of magic which in turn leads to creativity that will of course carry a level of success.

But hang on a moment, what is success and where does laughter come into it?

As we know it, success comes in various sizes and what one person declares is an achievement, another might tone the effort down with its corresonding results, and could even go so far as to say that particular action was a failure!

But then you could argue that failure is only a result not wanted. A result that for whatever reason has not ended in the expected outcome. What do you think?

I have never acknowledged a result as a so called failure - why would I want to waste my time or cursh my mood by diluting my creative spirit. No, failure is just one of those outcomes to take notice of and learn by.

So, back to quote for today Day 218 of the year. 

" contagious"

Laughter begins from deep within the belly, in the area of the diaphram causing air to rise and produce sounds. Those sounds are associated with enjoyment, fun and a sense of release. 

An interesting fact; it takes 30 facial muscles to smile.

Another idea to mull over is the ancient saying; "laughter is the best medicine".

Scientifically speaking laughter is not only associated to the human race. Did you know that rats laugh when they are tickled! Chimps laugh and dogs.

I encourage you to laugh daily and even if during your daily activities you encounter a result you are not satisfied with - then take a moment, have a laugh and move on towards your next positive forward action.

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