Goals are wonderful ideas that lead goal by goal to living the dream. Anyone can live the dream when they commit to step up to turning your heart's desire into something more. 

THE RIGHT GOALS BRING YOU CLOSER TO FREEDOM using the PATs growth tool created by PaTrisha-Anne Todd at

"anything is possible, when you know how"

The wonderful thing about having goals is that they bring you closer to a life of freedom, of calm, peace, abundance, and joy. In other words with the right goals, you can create your future.

I know that’s a bold statement, but think of this, it doesn’t matter what you want to achieve, the important thing to know and remember is to use your imagination to design your future and get you to your goal.

Years ago, when I first began to study the book written by Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich I read the chapter on Imagination and the story of The Enchanted Kettle. Have you read it? Basically, he talks of the concept of an idea and how with an idea opportunity presents itself and magic, and fortune can happen.

Ideas are what goals are made of. I mean think about it. Whenever you think, and that happens automatically in the background of your mind in your conscious mind. You are taking a series of ideas and imagining what could be, of what your life would look like if you followed a certain route. In your mind you are forming goals.

But sadly, what happens for 85% of people is the thinking of not being able to achieve goals dominates their thinking. They begin to imagine problems that will hold them back, and lack of time and money to follow through if they even begin to go after their goals. It’s such a shame because those folk don’t realise that anyone can achieve what they really want when you have the right tools and learn the forward moving strategies and tactics to do exactly that, to win and yes, anything is possible, when you know how.


The ‘know how’ is focus, but it’s focus beyond limitation that vibrates how you feel. I believe that what you focus on each and every day with positive emotion and feeling, then that is what you become and becoming is the route to get to goal.

Every day I ask myself “will this action, whatever it may be take me towards or away from the person I truly wish to become?” It’s a powerful question which evokes emotion and feeds feelings. The answer will lead towards unstoppable momentum.

Isn’t that fabulous to know by choosing the right goals, tools, and strategies there is an automatic route to success which, I know from decades of doing this work success can be guaranteed.


To have that clarity of your true vision let’s begin with you finding the right goal you want to accomplish over the next 30 days. It’s an easy task when you follow my formula.

Begin with considering what do you really want to achieve over the next 30 days. Think about it. But, think from a bigger view point. Look at the birds eye view of what you want. It could be money related, work, health or relationship connected. Think of just one area in your life that you’d like to work on and manifest an outcome that excites you and leaves you wanting more…

It’s important to stir your emotions and acknowledge what you want. Be careful here, as you need to commit to step up to your vision and to step out of your comfort zone in order to create a blueprint that when followed will change the course of your life. I encourage you to let your imagination run wild, and to see your future self further on from 30 days. At this stage is doesn’t matter how much further you see yourself into the future, the aim is to go past the 30 days block.

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