Despair - Don't Ever Give Up, no matter what life throws at you there is no need to become a victim or a prisoner to circumstance.

One day at a time will move you towards your goals and dispell any negative thoughts leading to thoughts of overwhelm and worry. Slowly, but surely the fog of despair will lift and your mind will become clear. So clear that you'll kick despair into the depths of the rubbish pit.

Basically despair is a thief a lot like 'worry'. So within this message I want to share with you some positive forward moving action steps that you can adopt for your marvellous mind to latch on to.

STOP give your mind a break

STOP that's the first thing I encourage you to do. Just take a moment to halt the process of doubt, fear and despair rising up within you and attacking your soul. Give your mind a break.

NEXT Just One Thing

I need you to ask yourself one vital question - just so you know the question I am about to share with you is the crux and foundation of how success happens!

Years ago when I was also in a place of despair, held captive by a lot of doubt and mounting fear, a mentor of mine asked me the very same question. At the time I couldn't believe that he would ask me what he did. It made me wonder why he would ask such a question and if I could really trust him.

OVERWHELM Was Making My Life Even More Difficult 

Life is just waiting to happen and how it happens depends on what you choose. That's right, on what you choose.

So no matter who you are, what you do, where you live and whatever situation you find yourself in when you ask yourself the question I am going to tell you, you'll learn the best kept secret to living life by design. Yes, truly and fully living life by design.

There is a certain way for you achieve what you want to achieve and it all hangs by a thread which can break at any given moment if you do not fulfil what you answer in response to the question.

The Question Is

"Are you prepared to decide on what you want to achieve in life and commit to study and work towards its achievement everyday until what you desire is yours and replaced with a greater goal?"

That is a question which runs deep into the psyche. Churning up thoughts that do not always want to be addressed. But, if you are prepared to decide as I did all those years ago, to decide on what you want to achieve while you are on this planet, which could be anything, anything at all and then to commit to  study and work everyday towards its achievement until that goal is achieved and replaced with a greater goal, then you'll find that despair is squeezed out of your life and you've truly stepped into your personal power thus causing success to be guaranteed.

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