Writing the WRITE Business Model

Writing the WRITE Business Model - Write A Plan To Earn Money From Your Book

Writing in any form from life writing, novels, non-fiction, cosmic, cookery or sports writing is a true craft, yet, the business of writing is not.  I’ll say that again, ‘the business of writing is not a hobby’.  The reason being, that writing is indeed a business.  A business to help those who choose to entertain, educate and inform, simply put - writing is a transformational platform to move the reader either emotionally or forward from one place to another.

Of course writing and the business of earning from writing requires attention and due diligence, keeping the reading audience in mind and of course the ultimate of writing your idea into words.

Good Writing Needs Research and Imagination

Regardless of how each writer practices their craft, there are symbolic approaches that I have seen appear over the four decades I’ve been involved in teaching the mechanics of writing and how to sell.  Just because you might have hundreds of ‘friends’ on a popular social internet site, or the phones are ringing, it doesn’t mean it’s the sound of ‘cha ching’!  Or, by being a member of countless on-line writing forums. Even, taking part in a course on how to write is not a sign of success as a writer earning money.  Sales is the only measuring stick.

The Writing Market Backdrop

However, there are many secrets to running a business the WRITE way.  If you want to build a prosperous writing career then you have to look seriously at the systems you have in place to support your offerings, how you position yourself in the market place, package your various writing, writing services as support products, the pricing of those items and all the promotion that goes with the whole model of the business of writing.  In fact there are many so called trade secret strategies for best success.  I know it can all be a lot to take in when all a writer wants to do is write, but believe me it’s easy once you know how and take a little time to learn how.

So, today’s communication is a backdrop of what happens behind the scenes of getting your message out there once the book is written.  I encourage you to tap into the high levels of energy and decisive leadership you have within your core belief system and WRITE your authoring business profitably.

Writing the WRITE Business Model

Writing the WRITE Business Model

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