WriteWriteWrite till you heart's content, let all your thoughts pour out of your, releasing your inner author and sharing your knowledge with the world.   Allow your words to pour upon the page with all the creativity and true passion to shine brilliantly upon the page.

Let The World Pass You By

As you write attach yourself to words crafting each phrase and sentence. Slowly and surely bring your authority out into the open ready for readers to indulge and luxuriate in your musings.  Afterall you may as well bring entertainment, education and joy to the eyeballs that read your work.


If you’ve been writing for years or have just begun you’ll already know that it’s important to write and you’ll see the differences between writing and not writing.  Simple put you’ll write to your expectation levels, no one else’s.  On the other hand the one exception that comes to mind would be when you are writing to a copy deadline.

Technically speaking writing to a deadline makes sense, but what about your level of motivation?  STOP, wait a moment, if writing is in your blood then you’ll want to write and actually find the time to practice the skill of a wordsmith.

Learn Your Craft

Some writers are naturally gifted at writing and are able to get on with the job in hand with no hesitation at all, however, honing your skills and crafting a message that rings true is not only a delight to the pairs of eyeballs that read those words, but also to you as the writer.

On a personal note I encourage all aspiring and established writers to keep on learning the anatomy of the writing process from beginning, middle and end.

Build Your Author Platform

A writing career isn’t any different from other walks of life.  It’s not about being a recluse, writing non-stop for a six, nine or twelve months and hey presto your book is published and you’ve banked a million plus!

No, no, writing is only easy when you know how to express yourself and able to reach your target audience through your words. So to round up I insist on you learning what you don’t know about writing, following through with writing (every day) and then taking consistent steps to market what you write.

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