WriteALegacy - Capturing Your Memories To Leave A Legacy

WriteALegacy and leave a gift for loved ones and the wider world is a gift that some plan to gift via creative writing.

The craft of writing covers many genres. Each one can bring entertainment and knowledge to the reader and a vehicle of expression for the courageous author.

If writing has been a part of your life or is something you’ve thought you’d like to involve yourself in as a platform for your creativity to make a difference or recount a specific message then understanding writing techniques will help you to put pen to paper, or, in this day and age record it digitally.

The Anatomy of Great Writing

Over the years there have been impressive wordsmiths with meaningful messages of their own, to name a few; the biblical story tellers, Rumi the poet, Ernest Hemingway, Nevil Shute, Shakespeare the playwright, George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), Henry James including the ancient scribes using stone and slate tablets (the pre-models for the electronic kind we have today), parchment scrolls to paper leaves and e-Books. Yet each of these essayists, in fact all writers have two things in common to harness the power of good writing;

  1. Motivation To Write: To share a story, experience, knowledge or to support a cause.
  2. A Writing System: That facilitates the writer, write an amazing narrative.

Motivation To Write

Managing time is the key to having the motivation to write, when you have that you’ll enjoy the security of consistent writing and the stability in your lifestyle to write.

A Writing System

The experience of writing happens for many from a very early age simply by copying shapes and forms seen in children’s story books then progressing through to classes in language and literature. Essentially the craft of writing is the arrangement of language and grammar as tools put together into a structure that when followed builds upon each piece into a coherent chunk of literature in the form of a poem, prose, article and for some a novel, non-fiction manuscript, the ever fashionable memoirs or the increasingly popular co-authoring book.

Writing Basics

Writing well requires a significant investment to make an impact, and of course especially when you choose to leave a legacy. Good writing for the purpose of hobby, fun and entertainment or perhaps to earn extra money or even turn to professional authorship requires certain skills and techniques focused on gaining the readers’ attention and strategically guiding the reader through the critical stages of your story. It’s not difficult to reach this standard with the right guidance. It involves knowing why you want to write, what you want to write and how much time you are prepared to devote to learning how to write well. You can achieve that critical high standard of writing by approaching your writing systematically, getting to the point that you want to say and not distract your reader with unnecessary sentences, or even paragraphs. There is no need to take a roundabout fanciful expedition to say what you mean, you can skilfully cut to the chase and communicate what you mean. Your piece needs simply to take them on the journey you want to share through your putting together of words.

Word by word you’ll relate to the reader letting them know exactly what you wish to make known to them, perhaps you’ll create excitement, intrigue even mystery if the story warrants it. Word by word as you explain and expand each of your thoughts through the written word you are creating a superior piece of writing, this process happens in a clear-cut order allowing you to write precisely and with control of timing the sequences and deliverance of your work.

Yes of course, you may have a burning desire to share your knowledge and experience in print and get your book written to share with an audience of like minded people, however, writing successfully is a learned skill and to be in with a chance of having your work read and appreciated good writing skills takes time to take on and sharpen, it’s an art you need to continually practice and polish in order to show your reader exactly what you intend.

Writing Round-Up

Ultimately the source of great writing requires energy from you as an author and to have as broad an outlook as possible on the subject matter that most interests you, of undertaking research to ensure your story line is spot on, and, or the facts and figures you quote are accurate, then to apply yourself to regular reading of the kind of topics that will assist and feed your talent and objective to become a better writer, actually writing and the study of the styles, perspective, plot, voice and characterisation. All can be achieved with a little forethought of what you want to ‘write’ as your legacy.





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