WhatACoachCanDoForYou is an interesting topic as it supports the valuable tool of coaching and how it can lead to your success, in life and in business.

When Considering Coaching Ask Yourself...

  • Does the coach have really good listening skills?
  • Will this person have empathy?
  • How will the coach hold me accountable?
  • Who holds the coach accountable?
  • How will the coach, coach me?
  • Is it possible to get rapid results?
  • Does the coach have a knowledge of a coaching model that will help me?
  • Is this person kind and caring as well as firm and professional?
  • Can this person really show me how to have a fabulous Work Life Balance?
  • All in all will the coach'gel' with me and can I afford coaching?
  • Will the coach help me with me with my weaknesses?
  • How can I find out the strengths the coach has?
  • Will I go into new territory quickly?
  • Has the coach got a toolkit of tools and resources I can use?
  • Is coach likely to be judgemental?
  • Will the coach give me clarity?
  • Will the coach help me identify exactly what I want?
  • Can the coach help me get what I want?
  • How much support can I expect from the coach?
  • Will the coach be able to give me short-cuts to success?
  • How passionate is the coach about my success?
  • Will the coach have spiritual connections?
  • Will the coach be effective?
  • How will I know if the coach is really helping me?
  • Will I really move forward in a positive and active way?
  • Can I really re-programme the nurons in my brain to achieve my dreams and goals?
  • What strategic moves happen during coaching?

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