The One Thing, One Step, One Task

Success doesn’t just happen; in show business it’s said that it takes 27 years of graft to become an overnight success! I don’t know about taking 27 years, different entrepreneurs over the years have taken different time spans to reach their goal. One thing I do know is that it takes grit, graft, planning and action to obtain a result. That result will be different for each of us. Another point that I need to mention at this point is that success is never reached. Instead, it’s that level of ‘satisfaction’ that is attained, nurtured, developed, and set to various levels.

Within The Scheme Of The Bigger Picture

One thing, one step, one task, what exactly does that mean in the bigger picture within the scheme of manifestation of goals and attracting abundance in your life?

It’s all about your Personal Power and stepping into your best flow for the particular moment in time you are addressing. So again, it’s all about one thing, one step and one task to reach that level of satisfaction. 

How do you do that? Simple when you know how, keep coming back to find out how you can use the – One Thing, One Step, One Task for your personal satisfaction.

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