TakingControl-of-YourDestiny - recently while speaking with my Writing Master Mind Group we began the discussion on how we each as a wrier can truly take control of our destiny as we each go about writng our experiences and sharing our knowledge.

To be quite clear about the topic of destiny Iwant to mention that any opportunity that presents itself that I actually decide to take up, and I don't just mean writing assignemtns, but hose opportunities to support my lifestyle, say for example when I choose to eat a salad instead of a pie and potatoes, or roll out of bed when I'm feeling discouraged and low, life is filled with opportunity, when I choose I find that the decsion raises my vibrations thereby allowing me to take the necessary actions to get a positive and better result.

Within the master mind we all agreed that destiny can be controlled and change for the better happens in anyone's life when decisons are made.

So What Is Stopping You From Enjoying A Writers Lifestyle of Bliss?

Personally I believe it’s all about education that equips people to live a writer’s lifestyle of bliss and step-by-step literally transform their lives.

Over the last few years the economy has changed, from booming to bust.  Sadly havoc has ensued, disrupting lifestyles and causing financial worry.  To beat those blues a competitive edge that sets you apart from a run of the mill writer is required to a writer practicing the craft of writing and living life by design.

Step Up and Reach For The Stars 

Becoming the leader of your own life is something I believe we are all created for to do here on this planet, and express through our talents our unique message.  Being a writer allows us to do that and with each word we write we inspire those others who read our musings.  The beauty of that is; we then experience the desire to hone our skills and better our efforts.

I find writing gives me the platform to help others learn to Be, Do and Have more. This is what I mean, writing allows me to;

·         Share my signature system on how to WRITE a Life and Business by Design

·         Turn ideas that have been simmering on the back burner into live and forward moving actions

·         Uncover the skills-set needed to write a good piece

·         Develop a fan base who are a willing sales force for my books and DIY Kits

·         Learn the keys to a successful story that lifts the readers spirit

·         Give back to the community

·         Build a consistent residual income

·         Identify the key ingredient to a successful writing career

·         Participate in interactive educational events to learn and teach

Earmark The Time To Change

I am so focused on stepping up to change and creating a writing career for myself and for those who want to follow the systems I created, that sometimes I forget to take time out to breath, to stay connected and savour the change I’ve been in a frenzy to create.  So my parting words to you today are; ‘be thankful for what you have and carefully plan out your next steps to success, while at the same time enjoy your personal power and the joy and love you can give yourself and your family. 


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