Rise With The Sun

It’s a wonderful experience and a positive habit.

Day 65 speaks to the experience of rising with the sun.

Pepper Your Life with Dreams by PaTrisha-Anne Todd - Master Coach and Trainer at www.CoachingLeadsToSuccess.com

The sun with its amazing rays can represent so much more than HOPE. Remember, whenever you feel down or worried, take a peek at the sun to remind yourself that the ball of energy in the sky is a sign of new and exciting things to come.

"After every storm, the sun always shines."

Rising with the sun invokes positive habits, feeding your core belief sytem with hope, enthusiasm and courage to dream BIG and set goals.

Are you ready to rise with the sun today?

Pepper Your Life with Dreams by PaTrisha-Anne Todd, the Coach to Coaches at www.CoachingLeadsToSupport.com

Day 65 quote from the book

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