Pepper Your Life With Dreams

Pepper Your Life With Dreams [Special Limited Edition] is a book oozing inspiration, filled with 365 enlightening sayings that will propel you forward with a focus to achieve your goals and dreams - living the dream is possible.

The inspirational language helps you remember why you want to achieve certain goals and keeps you on track as you turn your dreams into reality. 

Some Quotes from 'Pepper Your Life with Dreams'

"Today is preparation for the next opportunity...harnessing your personal power to - "

"A happy heart is a healthy heart...fill your life with love, joy and abundance ensure you - "

"Gift yourself by offering a gift to another...using the Law of Cause & Effect -"

"Don't travel the journey of life alone,  take all who will go with you...
tapping into the magic of the Law of Attraction as you embrace - "

"Welcome all that will help you claim success...and learn how to take the necessary actions towards your goals as you - "

Feeding your mind daily with inspirational sayings is the best way to guarantee your personal success - as its all part of the dream building process.   This paperback book is filled with hundreds of inspiring phrases that I have personally penned to support my goal of owning a positive mental attitude and living a life by design.  I wrote the book to share those thoughts with you.  It is my belief that life is a journey that deserves to be comfortable, filled with optimal health, wonderful people to know and love, excitng places to visit, safe surroundings and a home of choice to live in with endless wealth opportunities for everyone to ensure life is lived by design. 

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Pepper Your Life with Dreams by PaTrisha-Anne Todd master transformational coach at www.CoachingLeadsToSuccess.comPepper Your Life with Dreams by PaTrisha-Anne Todd master transformational coach at

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