One-Goal To Live A Lifestyle by Design through a process to feel confident, happy and energetic to create a personalised structure to Live Life by Design.

One goal, one focus, with Coaching Leads To Success.

Many people have ideas about changing their lifestyle from dropping a few pounds in weight to moving to another country with a new job or just to retire. Lot's of ideas pop into peoples minds and they can spend a lot of time with some spending years thinking about how life could be different when the time is right. Some even invest money in various schemes in the hope of a lifetyle change. Yet for one reason or another the goal just doesn't turn into a reality and life passes by.

one-goal to a lifestyle by design

People experience the feeling of overwhelm because they are not sure how to begin. 

Confusion sets in. Doubt creeps on board. Then they begin to worry they are not worthy or capable to improve their circumstances. They convince themselves that they can't find the time or the money to make any positive changes to their life and so they fall into the trap of making endless excuses not to find a way to make a lifestyle by design happen.

Did you know it is possible to find the confidence to make transformation happen?

the law of attraction

There is a way to make positive change happen. Anyone with the idea that they want change to happen, can change.

It takes work, it takes dedication to the goal in hand and condtinued action towards what you want and away from what no longer serves you.

The Cosmic Soul Coach Certification on-line programme could be your next step in your career and to ensure your ONE-GOAL happens. 

If you have ever wondered what a coach really does, then let me explain. A coach is not someone who needs to know everythiny about everything. No, coaching is about a process and taking a client through a specific step-by-step system that allows the client to get clear on their goals, to understand what they need to do in order to achieve those goals and how best to move forward and to help them move out of their current comfort zone and change the status quo. All within the realms of reality, their skills-set and the drive to Do, Be, Have a lifestyle by design.

Anything is possible when you know how, and the Cosmic Soul Coach Certification programme will ensure you know how to achieve your desired goals.

cosmic soul coach certification


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