PMA positive mental attitude is more than a state of mind It's a powerful mindset tool that eliminates doubts for your ‘dream life’ and guides you towards fulfilment. 

PMA is a powerful tool that eliminates self-doubt as it supports you to set the correct boundaries for your ‘dream life’ and guides you towards having a vision of being in a joyful and happy state, living life on purpose knowing what truly matters for you. As well as allowing you to focus your energy on building your dream, moment by moment, truly living life by design.

Life with PMA feels fulfilled with spirits flying high. In fact, your entrepreneurial journey is aligned and set to full blast as your positivity flourishes with your life packed to the brim with positive vibes as you automatically find the best way forward to realising your dreams.

Everyday life just fills with positive uplifting experiences as you learn how to embrace challenges and deal with roadblocks that pop up and believe me they do trying to throw you off course, but with a PMA you’ll welcome opportunities for growth and self-improvement allowing you to invest your time in activities that produce forward moving results.

Your circle of influence grows with valuable relationships that are inspiring, full of certainty and precious master-mind style assets, triggering you step-by-step to reach your goals.

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As someone who either wants to start your own business or already owns the label of being an entrepreneur you might find yourself questioning the value of your dreams and have a tendency to change your goals. Self-doubt creeps in as you feel lost and confused and demonstrating a positive attitude becomes difficult.

In today’s fast paced and competitive business world it’s no wonder that you come across noise filled environments with bright shiny objects and constant challenges to distract and confuse. The life of an entrepreneur can get rocky as PMA gets diluted and the initial understanding that being positive about your dreams and goals is essential to your mindset as it plays a pivotal role in shaping your entrepreneurial success.


Life as an entrepreneur with dreams and goals to achieve as apart of ‘Living the Dream’ is very possible. “Really?” I hear you say. Yes indeed. You see the secret sauce to achieving your dreams and enjoying time and money freedom, with a truly doable work-life balance along with the fulfilment of your deepest wishes coming true is that initial action of making a decision to change your current status quo.

The decision to act as if you already enjoy time and money freedom!

With a little thoughtful thinking and planning you’ll begin a journey of self-discovery and delve into the power of owning a PMA, (a positive mental attitude), enabling you to transform your dreams into reality. I deploy an NLP tool of looking backwards at a time-line connected to my dream. This time-line technique is something I use whenever I feel baffled about a decision I need to make as part of moving forward, and boy does it work this simple process of taking an honest detailed look from a place of already having achieved the desired outcome and looking at what I did (in my imagination), to reach the point of living the dream.


It’s vital to understand that thinking positively alone is not enough. You need to commit to taking inspired action continually!

Be pro-active 


your comfort zone

Each day, take inspired action towards your goals. Be pro-active and s-t-r-e-t-c-h your comfort zone, in fact push beyond your zone’s boundaries. You can embrace this type of positive action and fuel your growth to propel you forward on the path to success and ultimately begin ‘living the dream’.

Owning a PMA as an entrepreneur isn’t just about reaching the destination of being in business to make money, it is so much more than that. A PMA will unlock the power within you and show you opportunities to empower yourself and take control of your mindset and of course your ultimate ‘living the dream’ lifestyle.

Transformation into the positive is possible when you know how to tap into your core belief system and feed it with positive forward moving thoughts that align your spirit to a higher frequency that brings peace, happiness, and satisfaction of personal success. Your entrepreneurial journey is just that, going from an idea to a dream fulfilled via positive action steps for happy and satisfying results. You can liberate yourself from self-sabotaging thoughts that dampen and ruin the dreams you hold in your heart and yearn to create in your life.

So, as an entrepreneur seeking time and money freedom, work-life balance, and overall fulfilment in all that you do, a positive mental attitude is the key for turning your dreams into joyful reality. As I have mentioned before liberating yourself from self-sabotaging thoughts that lead to a negative outcome and instead embracing the power of thinking positively will unlock and feed your inner core belief system thereby eliminating self-sabotaging thoughts so step-by-step as you feed your soul, take purposeful positive forward moving action, build a circle of influence around you to encourage your thoughts and actions, you’ll release the untapped potential within you and adapt to the ever changing landscape of entrepreneurship and successfully travel and enjoy the transformative path to ‘living the dream’.

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