The Power of the Master Mind JANUARY 2013
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Where business owners meet to open their mind to possibility, brainstorm together and share what is really working for them, those most lucrative secrets to thrive from profitable marketing tactics.

Step-by-Step live on-line Training For Entrepreneurs To Succeed In Business

I've taken the core of my Signature Success System and created the Master Mind monthly group. If YOU want to turn your ideas into something more, or up-level and take your business and lifestyle to heights you dream of then you can with my new virtual group Master Mind.

Like minded women and men around the world can join the MasterMind group and receive step-by-step lessons to build a profitable and portable business. You'll tap into your vision and see the exact steps you need to take to build sustainable income. Each month the Master Mind provides consistent training to boost your income and help you create a Business and Lifestyle by Design.

next Master Mind group meeting Tuesday 29 January 2013

Are YOU Ready?

  • To raise your game in a safe environment with like minded others who are ready to BE - Do - Have...
  • To increase your income by hundreds and thousands per month by attracting fantastic loyal clients
  • To tap into an un-limiting opportunity to set a bigger vision and achieve it as you fire up your personal power?
  • To make a BIG impact on the world and leave a legacy

  • Why YOU Should Join The Bold & Fabulous Master Mind

    I am passionate about sharing how to have a Life and Business by Design. This is why I've created a unique easy to access platform the monthly Master Mind of powerful resources that will speed you forward to reaching new heights and experience stunning levels of success - no matter what business you are in. It's affordable at just £85 per month.

    Benefits Of Joining

  • Our Master Mind group has been designed specifically for committed entrepreneurial women and men who are ready to take their business to its next level immediately.Your membership entitles YOU to receive the following benefits:
  • Master Mind group call lead by PaTrisha-Anne
  • Members only weekly 'insights' delivered to your in-box
  • Members only weekly video Personal Power Coaching
  • A monthly 'private' call with PaTrisha-Anne
  • Tools to boost your business creating focus and results including the POWER POOL and my personal Insider Secrets technology,
  • How to tap into MSI multiple streams of income
  • PLUS Bonus - the Six Step Coaching Model to create Fast Income. Learning this proven formula allows you to build a sustainable Business by Design
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