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Discover How To Balance Life and Business. 97% of Life Coaches don't know how to do this. They are unaware how to simply enjoy their passion to help others, to build a stable business of their own and enjoy a stunning lifestyle. 


I've given a lot of thought to four specific questions I regularly receive from life coaching students and business owners alike, who oftentimes feel disillusioned with the concept of life coaching and concerned about developing a coaching business that brings in sufficient cash. For this reason I need to share with you some basic fundamental 'secrets' that can help you begin shifting gears and stepping into the role of a life coach, a business owner and living a lifestyle by design. Here's how you can; 

  • joyfully coach clients to find their own solutions to their problems,
  • enjoy a lifestyle by design as you help your clients,
  • find more time and a happy, healthy balance between work and play, 
  • work as a Life Coach and build a profitable and sustainable business.

prompts to activate your thinking

Below I've listed prompts to activate your thinking through how best you can create a thriving life coaching business. These prompts are essential to success and the elements that you need to explore:

  • Begin by reviewing where you are in your business including productivity, time management, income, team growth, expansion and up-scale goals.
  • Next take a look at the way you live your life and how happy are you living as you do. Observe how your daily routines affect your lifestyle and contribute to your business.
  • Then tap into your inner core belief system to fully gauge your true feelings and satisfaction levels as the situation is today.
  • Once you've taken an honest look at each of the areas I've mentioned you'll have a foundation to begin working on what changes you need to make to your daily routines and actions to take towards your short term, medium term and long term goals achievement.

Prepare meticulously for your next shift and focus on the two main areas of your life; your business and lifestyle. It's vital that you remain focused in order to succeed at turning your dreams into a stunning reality. Then as you do that remember that the criteria for your personal success is dependent on your mindset, a mindset of a positive attitude.

Focus on your business and how it contributes to your life. By this I mean the actions you take are they congruent to the type of business you wish to build thereby meeting all your commercial goals and supporting your lifestyle dreams and desires.

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