Keeping Motivated

Keeping Motivated.  Are there times when you simply run out of energy, ideas and good old fashioned motivation to keep going towards your goal?  Perhaps there have just been too many setbacks recently in your business, or a slow down in your weight loss program, perhaps finances are causing a little more than usual worry, maybe your romantic self is feeling a little jaded.  Whatever situation you find yourself in it's vital that you remind yourself it's only temporary.  Imagine a care that has run out of fuel, you and I both know that if we don't keep the tank topped up the car won't be going anywhere, soon!

So in order to keep your engine stoked to optimum and ready to move ahead you need to have a positive forward moving PMA (positive mental attitude), to keep you working towards your next goal.  When you have that PMA it's really a breeze to keep going and achieve whatever you set out to do. 

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