Day 187
Keep On Keeping On

PaTrisha-Anne Todd Master Coach and Author of Pepper Your Life with Dreams at shares tips and strategies to Live Life by Design.

Imagine if a bus were coming straight at you – you’d move around it to keep out of its way. Use that strategy to plan out your actions.

Day 187 speaks about flexibility and adaptability to unprecedented circumstances. 

If we choose to go with the flow and embrace the changes, we can ride through everything. On the other hand, if we let the train hit us,  we will either die, get injured, or get sidetracked from our main goal.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoy every experience and be resilient no matter what.

That is why flexibility and adaptability are important to keep on going forward. You must keep on keeping on. If a train is about to hit you, you should try to avoid it or move away to keep out of its way.

Are you ready to keep on keeping on?

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