IncreaseTheVisibilityOfYourBusinessAsACoAuthor - my point of view as a co-author.

There are many co-authoring opportunties out there, they seem to be sprining up all the time.  This is what I think.

Being part of a co-authoring book can be a great boost to increasing the visibility of your business.  I just love the co-authorship business model and I’ve been involved in several.  In fact it’s such a worthwhile model that co-authorship is a normal part of my writing life.  However, a word of warning:

Co authorship is a simple strategy and an inexpensive investment that has the possiblity to pay back over and over again because of the marketing tactics of a troop of dedicated sales persons, those other authors promoting the same book.  It’s a win win for everyone when carried out dilligently.

Consider the following carefully

Below I've written five ideas which I personally endorse as they support the very essence of  co-authoring as a very effective marketing strategy.

  1. Regardless of the other goals I may have earmarked for my business over the year I like to include a co-authoring book project in my marketing plan.  I always look for a publishing house that supports my ideals and who I can trust to produce a fabulous book with co-authors with whom I know will compliment my business.  Perhaps even one or two of those co-authors might be possible joint venture partners for other income stream plans.
  2. Once I know which publishing house and co-authoring project I’m going to become involved in I sketch out an action plan which incorporates forward moving steps on a daily basis that not only keeps me focused on the co-authoring project but actually brings me closer to goal, quickly and smoothly.  This system becomes a routine that ensures I have as much opportunity to leverage the co-authoring opportunity.
  3. Usually the co-authoring deal includes the opportunity to learn more about specific topics on the craft of writing.  I totally avoid any publisher who takes my money and fails to support my CPD journey as an author.  I like to have Q&A and master class events available for me to tap into.  I like to have the option to include my photograph and/or images or diagrams in my chapter.  This is important to me and offers me the potential to expand my business procedures for growth and income.
  4. Another important point for me to consider is that the book I will appear in as a co-author supports my niche.  So don’t get caught up in so called publishers pushing you to join a co-authoring book that in no way supports your niche.
  5. Finally, I like to have a structure to my writing work.  So as a co-author I need the publisher to have an agreement that tips in my favour, with clear deadlines laid out that lays down a route to get me published with a ton of value for me or even pay me a lifelong royalty for my work. 




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