Recently it was brought home to me that the only guarantee in life is, we are all born to live a life here on this planet, and for some of us to leave a legacy but its guaranteed that for all of us we will pass through and out of this world.

So what about the time we are here and our purpose.  How do we, or actually how can we serve our greater good?

Often I hear speakers talk about ‘living life on purpose’.  What does that mean?  Do we have a choice of how we live?

Many questions with answers that could be debated, but for today within this Coach Cast my question to you is, “do you live your life on purpose?”

Coaching supports us to live life on purpose.  There are so many tools, tips, techniques and models that allow coaches to work with clients to help them find their purpose, enjoy their happiness, live a life of great expectation, attain optimal health, exceed at sport, teach children about our history, the geography of the world, explain then the intricacies of science, philosophy, mathematics, biology, enjoy loving and fruitful relationships, excel and climb the job career ladder, while for some they start and grow a business, perhaps even build an empire.

Oh yes, there are many areas whereby a coach can help.

So what is it that makes us nice people with hearts filled with generosity and helping others go that extra mile?

I believe it’s all about surrounding yourself with like minded folk, of applying positive actions and growing a character of kindness.

Here at the IIC we believe in all of the above, and more, in fact the whole ethos of the IIC is to be a force for good, that’s why I’m inviting you today to join us.  To step up and out of your comfort zone and harness a quality of life that is powerful, dynamic and caring.  Behaviours never lies. So if you are a coach, or a coach in training, or just have a keen interest in personal and business development do think seriously about joining the IIC as part of your smart living principles, we’d love to have you join the other worldwide members, even become a volunteer member and be a voice in a team of coaches who ambassador the cause of great coaching.

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