Talking with my coach earlier this week we've agreed to set some audacious, big bold goals to accomplish over the next 12 months.  So how about you?

Have you set some Big Bold Goals for yourself in 2013?  I hope so.

You see coaching is all about stepping out of the comfort zone and expanding and flourishing to one's highest possible best.

Coaching supports the acquisition of goals and I know that like me as a professional coach and all the members at the IIC you want to achieve great things this year.  And you can.

So, are you ready?  Are you ready to explode into 2013 and keep the momentum going?

Great, you've decided to capture your inner spirit and make your dreams a reality.  Now then as a coach you'll know you need to apply specific techniques and models to assist you on your journey of goal attainment.

To help you I’ve got 2 questions that I believe when answered honestly by you, for you, that those answers will help you make leaps and bounds in moving towards your goals.

1. What do you really want?   Go on be bold, in fact be big about your answer, after all this is all about you.

2. Why do you want that particular goal?  Again be truthful as you make your response.

It doesn’t take much to set a goal, the work comes with actually taking the time, applying effort and getting the action done, that kind of activity will turn a dream into a reality.

Think of what you can begin today?  Be Big, Be Bold and get it done.

When you’ve completed those initial steps you’ll be motivated to take the next step, in fact once you start there will be no stopping you.

Go get your dream and share your story with us here at the IIC, in fact why don’t you join the IIC as part of your New Year Big Bold Goals achievement plan.  Become a member and be a part of the real coaching world – coaching is part of the future and you are the future.

Oh, and as I’m editor of the IIC Newsletter I’d love to feature your Big Bold Goal story in our members section.


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