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PaTrisha-Anne Todd shares more steps needed to enjoy a successful coaching career.

Hello and welcome to the IIC international institute of coaching.

I’m your host PaTrisha-Anne Todd.

Today's Coach Cast is a prompt asking you about what you really want for your coaching career.

Including how seriously you want to change your lifestyle and the level of success you want for your coaching business.

You know success doesn't come overnight, it takes time, for some it can take many years but for all of us it takes a whole load of experience.

The experience of how to do business and how to sustain it.

However, the point of this coach cast is to help you identify exactly what you want to achieve from your coaching career.

· What type of coaching you want to offer your specific market

· knowing the amount of time you are prepared to devote to building your business

· and most importantly why you want to create a coaching business in the first place.

I know, as a coach you ask similar questions of your clients, but what about you? Do you put yourself in the coaching chair and have a coach ask you those pertinent questions so you can find your purpose in life, your route to market, in fact I'm going to ask you here and now - Have YOU got a coach with whom you work on a regular basis, a coach to hold you accountable to your dreams and goals, a coach to champion you towards the success you deserve.

As coaches we know the tools and models to use to get a desired outcome; however we need to remember how seriously we want to change and really achieve a different outcome. It's not enough to just wish, to want and dream about changing stuff in life.

we know as professional coaches we have to BE more, DO more in order to enjoy more.

Therefore I have a tip for you today.

I'm lucky enough to live in the UK - and this summer London has been host to the recent Olympic games. What is even more pertinent to my Coach Cast today is that Great Britain also hosts the para-olympic games and I'd like to draw your attention to those who competed, those para-Olympians regardless of their disabilities chose to compete, they chose to change their lives. I encourage you to take time and view the re-runs of the para olympic games,

see how these men and women intentionally drive themselves to the winning posts.

My objective for this CC is to draw your awareness to see them in action and look beyond and see what it takes for them to get to that level.

For you to ‘see’ what your/their story is, the challenges behind that person and what they had to overcome - actually what's your story?

So, over the next few days take the time to view the para olympics replays and see for yourself what they do to get over the various hurdles and through the numerous blocks in order to reach that gold standard.

And remember this...Coaching Leads To Success

I’m your Coach Cast host PaTrisha-Anne Todd



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