I Am, the two most sacred vibrational words for the Law of Vibration

There are two sacred words that belong to the power of manifesting, those two words are ‘I am’. They belong to the primary Law of the Universe – the Law of Vibration, which declares that nothing rests, everything is always moving, always in motion. It is this law that dictates what you are going to attract each and every moment of your living being.

I remember from childhood my parents always greeted me with a smile and a thumbs up each morning.

As time went on, I never questioned this action, or even wondered if other families morning greetings were done this way. It wasn’t until I was about seven years old that I understood the meaning of this gesture.

You see my folks believed in the idea of holding a PMA – positive mental attitude.

A powerful idea that boosts personal power and quantum results by the simple fact of believing in the good.

Thumbs-Up greet each morning with a smile and this simple gesture to raise your vibration.Thumbs-Up to greet each new day and raise your vibrational level.

Therefore, it is paramount that you purposefully put yourself into alignment of the flow of a positive mental attitude and create a frequency that engages you on the same wavelength as that you wish to attract into your life. 

With a smile and a thumbs up you will automatically up level to a higher frequency and open the doors of good and allow the good to step into your universe.

Now the only way to understand how to attract what you desire into your life is to raise your vibration levels. To do this you’ll study these laws to expand your mind. Today I’ll share with you how best you can begin moving toward a better level of frequency with the Law of Vibration.


Begin with writing out your desires, your dreams, and your goals in life. By doing this simple act you are causing your mind to think – which in turn activates your conscious mind to feed your sub-conscious mind with what you truly desire. Word by word you are eliminating the negative and gently, but positively building your core belief system.

However, the trick is to write your ideas, wants and longings in the present tense. The reason being that there is no future time or space, we only have the present, which is a gift of life, and of course all that has gone before, both good and not so good are the past, the past is our personal history which we have already lived up to this point, it cannot be changed. We are the sum total of who we are today.

Only your present, current time can be ordered to think bigger, better and at a higher level.


Writing in the present tense allows you to become emotionally involved in what you desire. It doesn’t matter what you desire, of course it has to be legal and will not harm another. So, by becoming emotionally involved with your goals you are becoming aware and moving into the knowing. The knowing of which steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

Nothing worth having in life is free. There is no secret, no magic bullet. It takes study and work to become a person ‘living the dream’. By taking the time to study and the intention of doing the work you will stimulate the Law of Compensation and achieve your ‘living the dream’ status.

So, go ahead and begin writing your wants, desires, and goals in the present tense, write with strong emotional feelings, with the intent that the fact has already occurred and, write with gratitude that you are able to receive this, or something better!

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