Holding Back on the Dream

Holding Back on the Dream is that something you do?


Goals I’ve been told are wishes until the goals are accomplished – would you agree?

Just a few weeks ago many of us were setting goals for the New Year, did you? I most certainly did, in fact I make it a habit to look forward both for my personal life and business building. Regardless of which area you are keeping front of mind and the specific goals you are working on, it’s important to plan to ensure you achieve the outcome you desire, because without a plan of action and choosing the route of ‘flying by the seat of your pants’, is akin to being on the never ending hamster wheel and simply going around in circles, getting nowhere amidst confusion, frustration and disappointment. I know that having a plan of action will help you to measure and gauge your progress, as well as helping you stay on track and motivated.

So, to return to my earlier question; did you set goals for the New Year?

Over the years I’ve found there are three main mistakes made when goal setting.

  • Number one on my list is the idea of being vague. Yes vague. You see many folk are not clear on what they really want to a have, or be or do in their life. A typical example is that of wanting more money! Saying you want ‘more money’ is not the best way to set a goal of enjoying financial freedom. I mean if you were to find a penny on the street, that would mean ‘more money’. Can you see how important it is to be as specific as you can when you begin setting your goals? The better choice of thoughts and words is to name a figure, you might want to set the goal of earning an extra dollar amount – even as bold as increasing your monthly income by 50% or in some cases, turning your annual income into your monthly income.
  • The next mis-aligned thought is ‘thinking what others would say about you if you ‘failed’ to achieve your goal.It really doesn’t matter what other’s think. You see goal setting is all about you and how you’ll live your purpose. Living your purpose is the reason why we are able to have independent thought on who we are. So put other people thoughts and ideas aside and concentrate on what you know is the best way for you to live your life on purpose. To help you map out the milestones in a journal that you can work towards, prioritizing and tracking each milestone. This way you’ll not detract from the best actions to take and automatically motivate yourself to keep moving towards your big, audacious goal.
  • Finally with your goals front of mind you’ll comfortably work on them daily. Yes daily. This works as it gives you a true picture of what needs to be done, which actions you can take and if you need to hire domestic help for the home or staff for your business allowing you to focus on building your dream.
  • Ah yes, as goal setting is the route to dream catching, I encourage you to visualize daily, ‘pepper your life with dreams’, see what you want to create and achieve over the next year, three years, five and ten and beyond.

What’s stopping you from living the dream?

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