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Have you got an idea that you'd love to have written as a book?  Are you too busy to get it done?

I can help you build your business credibility with a book. I can ghost write your book with your name on the cover as the expert author to go to in your area of business.

What Exactly Can A Ghost Writer Do For YOU

I'm a professional Ghost Writer. I have a specific sequence that gets results to capture your message in your 'voice', and then I write the words for you putting your name as the expert author of choice in your profession, after all I am the ghostie writing for you! It doesn't matter which niche market you work in, I know that a book will increase your credibility and expand your reach to a wider client base.

Why You Need A Book

  • You have ideas to create a series of non-fiction books but find it difficult to write 
  • You want to share a particular experience with the world but don't know how to say what you mean
  • You are an expert in your field of business and know you can help others
  • You know a book about your niche business would work as another income stream
  • You want to write your 'auto-biography' but know know how to get it organized
  • You want to add value to your clients by letting them know you are a published author
  • You've created a very successful business from humble beginnings and want to tell your story how you made it to the top!

I enjoy working with people who have a passion about what they do and are very keen to let others know more about the 'why', the 'what', the 'how' and the 'who'. I write in total confidence and check in with you at pre-arranged times to ensure your book is being written the way you want. My mission is to write a book that you'd be happy to have your name on the cover.

Hire Me To Write Your Book

Hiring me or any ghost writer is a high-end expense. If having your words in print and available on the open market for sale then I invite you to speak with me about your project. Each project is different and each one is special. Please contact me in the first instance and tell me a little about your ideas and what you'd like me to help you with...

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