Day-99 Regularly Water…your Garden of Life

Day-99 Take action. Take control of your health, during the pandemic health crisis. Quote from Pepper Your Life with Dreams Regularly Water…your Garden of Life.

Day-99 was Wednesday 8 April 2020 of a very memorable year when the whole world found itself adjusting to a new way of living their daily lives. These are indeed challenging times.

Over the years we've come across different quotes from various people, some famous some not so. Today I'd like to share a quote that I penned for my book and journal 'Pepper Your Life With Dreams: 365 Quotes To Inspire'.  Day 99 - Regularly Water … your Garden of Life.

I believe you can and do appreciate the quotes meaning. Quite simply by you taking action to regularly water your garden of life, you'll be taking control of your health, especially now during this pandemic health crisis across the world.


Water by its own merit is as we know a life force, however within my musings I use water as an expression of the action of focusing and nurturing your core belief system regularly to ensure you keep moving towards living a life by design.


Lockdown and social distancing have been put in place by respective Governments to safeguard our lives while medics and scientists search for a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Also, as a measure to relieve the pressure of hospitals going into critical overload due to a high volume of patient numbers. We know that Covid-19 has no respect for age or social status.

Therefore, if we all take this time to explore how we can remain safe and healthy within our world we will come out the other side victorious.

To do that I recommend you immediately put a daily health routine in place. A regime that adheres to government guidelines yet compliments your individual style.

Even though life is an emotional rollercoaster you have a choice to stand firm and immerse yourself into healthy eating options from foodstuffs you’re able to access and exercise to suit your body capabilities, though you might want to push yourself that smidgen further, just because you can! You can do this right now. Go deep into your psyche and do what needs to be done to keep yourself and those around you safe and well.


It’s my intention to inspire you so I recommend you track your routine and review daily what you have been doing. That way you can evaluate and adjust according to whatever needs to be done.

If you haven't already why not pick up a copy of the Pepper Your Life with Dreams Journal to record your daily experiences as you go about living life by design.

Happy watering!

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