The exploration of a personal life experience with the aim to enhance an area for personal growth, abundance, prosperity and/or health.

Business - Corporate - Executive Coaching


Business Coaching - relates to a small business to improve the all round business performance; example an accountancy practice, a florist a personal trainer, this form of coaching is not the same as business consultancy.

Corporate Coaching - when a specific request is made by the corporation to implement and support coaching within the organisation.

Executive Coaching - refers to the higher levels of the corporate employees up to the Board of Directors for personal development or business related topics coaching and/or group coaching.

Niche Coaching


Niche coaching is a particular focused area of coaching, i.e. life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, cosmic soul coaching, divorce coaching, parent coaching, teen coaching, wealth coaching.

However, the other area of niche coaching is when the coach only works with specific professions, i.e. dentists, entrepreneurs, hairdressers, lawyers, small business owners, work at home mums.

The above is only a selection of the many avenues open to niche coaching.

Group Coaching

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The common thread is coaching to several people at one session, or facilitating the group to co-coach each other.

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