CIB Secrets Coaches In Business Secrets
Do You Love To Help Others But Struggle To Get Clients?
Build A Six Figure Coaching Business with the Six Step Coaching Model cash machine system

My powerful Coaches In Business Secrets has everything you need to start, build and manage your coaching business, including the powerful Six Step Coaching Model to turn ordinary into the extraordinary when used correctly is so effective you'll be able to increase your client base, work less and make more money as you help your clients get the results they deserve.

CIBSecrets The Coaches In Business Secrets program. Learn the strategies that other successful coaches use to turn their annual income into monthly, even daily income. Discover how you can build a profitable coaching business even if you are just starting your coaching career or a seasoned coach ready to turn what you love doing into high end figures. 

I know how exciting it is when a client is able to have their own Ah Ha...light blub moment and move forward to their goals. As a coach that's what we love to do, help others and see them sort out their challenges. It satisfies us when they make progress and makes our work worthwhile.

However, even though we love our work, its a fantastic occupation and requires dedication and hard work, it can be so demanding working with several clients over the week on a one-to-one basis and today in this downturn economy its a struggle to keep finding new clients ensuring theirs enough income each month to meet the bills. Learn the Secrets to succeed in today's market place with grace, elegance and ease.

With my specific system you'll learn once and for all how to stop struggling and transform your business into a profitable income model. Whether you are just setting up your coaching business or a seasoned coach who is ready to expand your current level of business and play a bigger game, you'll discover the secrets to position yourself as a confident helping clients you enjoy working with as you build a six figure plus business.

Times have changed with the old strategies not working, today's economy proves it. Now is the time to learn what works and exactly how to implement plans for profit.

CIBSecrets = Coaches In Business Secrets is my complete system making it easy for you to coach with confidence impacting and attracting wonderful clients as you build A Coaching Business by Design!

Over The Years I've Practiced and Tested My Unique System and I Am Now Ready To Share The System With YOU...

In 1979 I started my coaching business to train others to become a coach using my unique Six Step Coaching Model and the strategies necessary to build a stunning and profitable business.

Since then I've written specific coaching industry books, spoken at conferences, been a guest on radio stations, featured in videos and newspapers around the world and working with entrepreneurs and celebrities. Today I invite you to work with me and build your Coaching Business by Design.

28 Days Step-by-Step System
The Six Step Coaching Model Learn How To Coach With Confidence and Design & Sell Coaching Programs

  • Marketing strategies to build your list, boost your sales, position yourself in the market place and build a sustainable coaching business with an edge over others in your niche market.
  • A workbook to use and help you harness each lesson.
  • Learn incredible mind set techniques using Coaching Kinetics to shift those blocks that are holding you back and understand how to beat the Money Monster so you can raise your prices and charge what you are worth.
  • Marketing campaign strategies to ensure you attract an endless steam of new clients and close the deal time and time again - learn to duplicate your business and build a Coaching Cash Machine.
  • Design your business around your lifestyle and create multiple streams of income form your coaching packages that allow you to deliver 1:1. AND 1:Many and exclusive high end coaching. Live Life by Design.
  • Get confident and charge the right price for your coaching - Pricing Points.
  • Know which mistakes to avoid and what to do to make money from your coaching and so much more...
  • Investment £99.

Remember, Coaching Leads To Success

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