Book School
Write A Book and Share Your Message

BookSchool - Let PaTrisha-Anne Todd 'the Book Lady Entrepreneur' share insider secrets on how to write and publish a non-fiction book to grow your business as a coach, speaker, consultant, threapty business, real estate, cooking teacher or personal trainer.  In fact any service based business. 

Learn How To Write 
And Get Published In 10 Weeks

Writing Breakthrough Curriculum

  • 10 Week on-line live course: Getting clear on your purpose and knowing exactly what you want to write
  • Create your TimeLine to write your book
  • Position your 'brand' in the WRITE market place
  • Promote and market your book

Using my Signature Six Step System you'll recognise your real goals for writing your book.  You'll become clear and consistent and tap into the secret to turn your dreams into reality.

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