Believe In You

BELIEVE THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE …and your faith will make it happen.

Believe that anything is possible and your faithwill make it happen...PaTrisha-Anne Todd author of Pepper Your Life With Dreams.

Where has the time flown too? 2018 is coming to an end when  people will follow traditions and ring in the New Year with bells, fireworks, new year wishes and get busy with new year goals.

Those goals can cover a multitude of change, from dropping the weight, moving home, a new job, a different relationship to beginning a new hobby or staring a business.

All those goals and many more besides are all connected and require one foundation step to begin the process of change. That first step is a shift in mindset for the better to a positive mental attitude. In short, a PMA.

On a personal level if like me you have ever felt boxed in, frustrated that even though you're working hard and trying to set yourself up to win, it's not happening.

When this happened to me, I caved in to those feelings, I let them worry me until I took time out, ten years in fact and then began to pace myself one moment at a time with daily attention to goals, to my lifestyle and to what I wanted to change.

Now I know 'I can'. I believe from my heart, soul and inner core that I can achieve anything I set out to do.


Okay, some of you won't agree with me, and that's fine. That's your belief system coming to the front and keeping you in your comfort zone.

But, that's not me and for the many who follow me and even those who don't know me yet, your thinking is open, you are the type of person to take your limiting beliefs and crush them.

You harbour thoughts of goals to be met, of a lifestyle to change and of living your dream.

You are the type of person who is ready to un-block those blocks that pop up. To create new and positive forward moving habits to lead you towards your goals.

You are the type of person who wants to rise like a Phoenix and create a lifestyle by design.


PMA is second nature to me now. I've gone from worry that impacted my health and finances to a world of happiness, health management, and ambition to share my talents via business to help create opportunity for others.

The singer Frank Sinatra sang 'I did it my way'. And that is the secret to recognise what skills and talents you have, how best to use them to create a world that gives you joy, healthy living and a sustainable income.

With awareness, a plan of action and focus you can create change for the better.

The new year 2019 is just a few weeks away. Now is the best time to clear those thoughts in your head, to review what you have achieved and then to draw up a plan of action for the coming New Year.

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