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BecomeAPublishedAuthorIn7Days - and secure your place with the target market of your choice.  Using my Five Step System you'll eliminate all anxiety and overwhelm about writing your book and simply get it written and published!  Now YOU CAN 'WRITE A CASH MACHINE'

This 7 days coaching programme is only for ambitious aspiring authors

Are you ready to get published and WRITE Your Cash Machine?

Your Step-by-Step Roadmap
To Becoming A Published Author

You can begin TODAY by enrolling in this unique home study course. 

When you follow my signature system you can guarantee  your success as a published Indie Author in 7 days.  

Begin your breakthru' journey and tap into your sub-conscious store house of potential and creative wealth that supports you in getting your message out to the world and use your eBook as a working tool to;

  • writing action plan
  • become a client magnate
  • position yourself as the authority in your niche
  • banish your fears and WRITE
  • book covers
  • publish how to...
  • marketing action plan
  • build a marketing funnel for success
  • create an Author Platform that builds a writing business
  • and so much more...

7 Days Become A Published Author

I'm delighted to share my signature system the exclusive '7 Days Become A Published Author' delivered in pdf. format to your in-box, ready to print off and keep and refer to as you work through each of the steps this is the same system I have been helping aspiring authors find their unique message and create an income stream from their knowledge, life experience and work.

Non-Fiction, Novels, Memoirs, Inspirational or Spiritual

During the 7 days you'll focus on your writing and delivering your message.  I'll lead you through the five step system one step at a time. You'll have a plan of action to take you forward. Each day you'll tap into the system designed to shift your way of thinking and break habits that no longer serve you. You'll BE the person you desire to be and get your ideas out of your head and written onto paper. You'll unlock your true writing potential as you craft your message to deliver to the world.

The formula you'll find  in this 7 days system will give you the juice to write your book and get published as if by magic.  You'll natually find your own inspiration and writing launch pad to becoming published. 

From day 1 your mindset will shift ino a higher gear and you'll quickly understand and completely know your 'Why'.  The 'why' you want to write and more importantly what you want to write about which will logically lead to you experiencing better results. 

During the 7 days if you put in the effort your results are guaranteed.

This coaching programme is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge with the world wide web and seriously grow your list, to increase your client base and begin your writing journey to reach five, six even seven figures. You know you deserve it!

Writing is about sharing your story with the outside world and helping others achieve more in their life.  So why not write a quick read ebook and become a published author in 7 days!

Become A Published Author in 7 Days





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