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Airline Staff around the world are complaining of long hours and low pay

So many aviation staff are fed up with not having their expectations met.

Travelling around the world used to be so exciting and full of fun. But in these world economic times full of chaos and scaremongery its just not what it used to be.

Today its absolutely vital to be clear about expectation. Even better wouldn't it be great if you could give up the JOB and still be able to travel the world, but this time as a first class passenger!

Three Helpful Tips on Expectations

  1. On a daily basis take the time before you start your day to affirm your expectations for the day ahead. I'm talking about making an effort to be chrystal clear on what action you'll take today, and today only, the action towards your goals. Each day is an opportuntiy to set the goal achievement process into motion, so work on your expectation levels.
  2. Have the end goal in your mind. Formulate in your mind exactly what your expectation is of the day ahead. Be realistic keeping in mind who you are, what your situation is and why you expect a certain outcome before the day is over.
  3. Remember you only need to concentrate on today. Enjoy the journey of meeting your expectation levels.

Retirement as an ex-staff member needn't be the end of travel and all the excitement and pleasure it brings.

Have you considered owning your own part time business that fits in around all the things you want to do that you didn't have time for when in a full time job.

The world is a smaller palce and ex-airline staff are eager to keep occupied and willing and competent to work for themselves from home.

What is even more exciting private travel is possible if that is what is desired.

You can be part of the home business boom.

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