Day 183

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…is more than success, it’s knowing you can share your gifts and talents.

Day 183 speaks about the true meaning of achievement which is, knowing you can dream BIG with enough left over to share your gifts and talents with others. 

Consider this for a moment, so many people incorrectly associate achievement with material things forgetting that achievement comes in all shapes, sizes and results. 

The concept of achievement is the same for each of us regardless of the level of success. Achievement in itself has its own value based on the individual's core belief system. Not everyone has the same level of goal achievement and holds the metaphysical concept to Be, Do and Have more. For instance, becoming a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a person who cleans house for another, a bus driver, a car mechanic or someone who desires to build a business is not the same dream as another.

Unlike material things which can be taken from you, an achievement is for a lifetime, a lifetime to share your gifts and talents with others.

Which Achievement will You Strive for Today?

Pepper Your Life with Dreams by Master Coach PaTrisha-Anne Todd at

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